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What is a backup?

Backup is the process of replicating your data (either a physical or virtual copy) on another device or in another location. This could be on removable storage, in a separate geographic location, or in ‘the cloud’. Having a detached backup copy of your data is crucial for business continuity and means you can restore any data to its original location (or an alternative location) should there be a requirement. This could be full machines, individual files, databases, SQL, or MS365 data... the list goes on.

Krayma is partnered with Acronis, enabling us to offer an industry-leading, cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution. Acronis Cloud is a fully managed, cost-effective, and reliable solution to secure your business data in the event of data loss, corruption, human error, or natural disaster.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery is an organisation's process for regaining access to its IT infrastructure following a natural disaster or cyberattack. Disaster Recovery goes beyond having just a backup solution in place. It means having the plan and process ready for maintaining your business-critical systems when the worst happens.

A Disaster Recovery scenario usually concludes the primary site or infrastructure is not immediately recoverable. The DR solution may include the co-location of infrastructure, either physically or virtually, allowing restoration / recovery of business functionality when the primary site, infrastructure or device is no longer available.

The Acronis Disaster Recovery facilitates ‘spinning up’ virtual servers and infrastructure in the cloud, with secure connectivity (directly or via a secure VPN), to give you access to your IT infrastructure when you need it.

Relax... we have IT covered

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