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What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a ‘cloud-powered productivity platform’ - a subscription-based collection of Microsoft applications and services that are hosted online or ‘in the cloud’. These services and software applications are cloud-based alternatives to Office applications and services that were historically bought in a one-time purchase and hosted on-premises. Examples of these are the Microsoft Office suite, Exchange Server for emails, SharePoint Server for document management and sharing, and many more.

With an MS365 subscription, you can make sure you always running the most up-to-date Microsoft productivity products, whilst gaining access to scalable cloud-based storage, and the ability to collaborate on files in real time! All of this can be conveniently accessed over the internet via various clients: desktop applications, mobile device applications, or through a web browser.

As a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partner, Krayma are ideally placed to provide Microsoft 365 to your business, along with the expertise and direct vendor access to fully support you.

Be effective anywhere.

Get your work done either remotely or onsite. 

Secure your business.

Help secure your data with built-in security features.

A cost-effective solution.

Streamlined IT infrastructure, management, and costs. 
Relax... we have IT covered

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