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Rather than creating a physical computing environment, virtualisation creates a simulated one. This can include computer-generated versions of hardware, operating systems, and storage devices. Virtualisation allows your organisation to divide a single physical computer into several virtual ones, whereby each virtual machine can operate independently and run different operating systems/applications. All of this while consuming the resources of just a single host computer.

We have expertise in VMware, Hyper-V, and Azure virtualisation. As partners of both VMware and Microsoft, we provide vendor-backed support for customers that already utilise or are looking to implement a virtual infrastructure.

Server virtualisation has many attainable advantages even if you run a small business.

Some of these benefits include:
  • Increased server efficiency and scalability
  • Improved ‘disaster recovery’
  • Improved business continuity and
  • The ability to create safe environments for testing security updates and patches before deploying them to a live environment.
Relax... we have IT covered

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